Can U Hear Me?

by Y the Ghost

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Prologue 01:25
I ran around this city I ran around this city lost You wanted something from me You wanted something I ain't got That I ain't got I wasn't scared of the dark I wasn't scared of the unknown So now I'm singing alone out in the rain With no place to go Most might just run home But that's not me I find my dreams a much safer place to be I ran around this city I ran around this city drunk I just don't know what I want I'll chase the sun until I lose my shadow Tell me, baby Where have you gone Can U Hear Me? My lonely song
Wish 04:07
Love comes, love goes So far, so close Reach out for home But feel no pulse People let you down in this life Sometimes you reach out and feel no pulse Love comes and goes away just as fast So what are you gonna do? Well, one night I looked up at the sky and a star said to me "What do you want, boy? Reach into your mind and your deepest heart of hearts And make a wish" La dada la dadada Makin' a wish tonight On a star that I'm Never gonna die As the world keeps heating, heating up I feel myself cooling down, down, down And I sink to the floor When I can't take anymore Then I look up at the stars in the dark, open space Everything is perfect from far, far away Take my hand and feel for a pulse I'm so far, and so close
Fantasy 04:28
Stayin' alive, I'm not sinking Stayin' alive, I'm not sinking Into this world (this world) Waking up in a fantasy Think I found my heart; now I'm losing my mind Stripping off a reality, that ain't mine That ain't mine (ain't mine) Lock myself in the fantasy And I lock the door, and I lower the blinds Only eyes I allow to see Are in the walls (in the walls) I don't really care if you've got eyes to see A lie from the heart's more honest to me Just forget the truth and I'll set you free In the fantasy Sends me a light when I can't see a thing Holds me upright when I'm trying to sing, but I can't Love is dangerous When it's something you make for yourself out of dust I'm screaming, so listen up Throw the truth away, make your own story up Not sinking into the quicksand ground I'm stayin' alive, turn it upside down (R.I.P. Narcissus The reflection f***** him hard And drowned him with a kiss) Yep! True story And it was so hot Fall in love yourself when you're all that you've got (Lonely ghost on a Friday evening All on his own and he's still f***ing lying) I don't really care if you've got eyes to see A lie from the heart's more honest to me
Hologram 04:23
How do you want me? I'll be your Hologram Twist and distort me Make me your fantasy man (La la La la la la) I'll rip your heart out with my own bare teeth (Hologram) Or love you soft 'til you fall into me (Hologram) Or spin your head 'til reality don't make sense Hologram What's your fantasy? I'm like a Hologram I can be holy Unless you're feeling wicked Listen close As the vibe flows from your head to your bones Follow my voice as I follow your desires Into the unknown Now move (Rock back) (Sync to the music and the drum smack) (Like that)
Are you listening? When I'm singin' in the dark (In the dark) Hello I hear whispering But I don't know who you are Do these words touch your heart? Hello If you're there, just give me a sign Don't be scared, you've got nothing to hide I'll be here, just waiting on the other side Can U Hear Me? I'm hearing these melodies Echo up from below (From below) Don't go Tell me you love me And all the graceless things I do Because I'm lost without you Don't go Don't materialize and then fade away I want you to come; I want you to stay With me Just give me your hand, I'm gonna set you free Can U Hear Me?
Dark 05:00
It's 3am, I've waited for the night Been getting too much sun Not enough light I recognize the breezes when I've lost my way And when I listen close I hear them say . . . They say my name; they say it soft 'Cause they're the only ones who know When it gets late I can manipulate the light Meet me at the gate And then follow me inside 'Cause it's, time to go Into the night (Into the dark) I hear the time tick by too soon But I feel pulled into the moon This city has become A reflection of my heart Glowing as it pumps Seeking electrical recharge Paddles to my chest Shock me 'til I wake Oh it's, time to go Into the night (Into the dark) (When) I don't feel right (Will) you be there, or will (I) just reach out to (Find) nothing there, because (Home) doesn't feel right (In) dead of night, hoping (The) robins come in the (Dark) bearing light, someday
Hourglass 04:32
Take a breath And listen close Find your pulse Is it beating much too slow? Align to wake You sleep too long No time to wait on your eyes To open on their own And so many days Have come and gone But it's not too late To turn the Hourglass around Oh, little ghost It's time to go The wind still calls Don't wait too long A storm's ahead But don't grow numb Don't ever forget To keep away from neutral zones Keep your highs up high Your lows down low Until you feel them in your bones Are you ever gonna sing again Show your real face again Take up aerial space again Take your light for a spin Leave your voice echoing Are you ever gonna find your home When you gonna take control Are you losing your soul Are you gonna find it Are you ever gonna find it Before it's gone Don't let go
Interlude 02:27
Rain 03:22
Arizona sky's looking mighty dry today It's just a matter of time before you say Life's a bitter pill and sometimes it's hard to take 'Cause when you're living in a dream Nothing's what it seems, is it babe? I wanna feel the thunder See the lightning strike I wanna feel the water Pouring out of the sky I see it in your eyes Drop the disguise Let it go Let it rain Longing words you write Will materialize my soul 'Cause I wanna love again Don't wanna pretend I'm a ghost I hear the wind blow I wanna know the things it knows Tell the sky that I'm ready Let it rain And when the clouds roll in over the sun And you feel a stir in the air Don't be afraid Don't fade away Don't be afraid Just let it rain
Waiting on a little poetry When all you hear is melody It won't be long 'Til you're on your knees Begging for old memories And in the dawn, what becomes of dreams? And makes it so hard remembering You write 'em down Trap 'em in the seams But they always disappear But don't lose the key You might be, you might be On to something Don't you dare lose the melody You might be, you might be On to something You're laying low, playin' hard to reach But they still catch you humming You keep it down, hold it underneath Won't be long before it starts to bleed


released September 14, 2018

All songs written, produced and performed by Jacoby Elliott


all rights reserved



Y the Ghost Kansas City, Missouri

"The synth dynamo reveals signs of his spirit as he channels deep, primitive emotions creating a cinematic score for a story that innocently draws from childhood magic while curiously hinting at the dark and supernatural .. showing many sides to the man behind the music .. a very passionate and self-expressive work of art composed with devotion and impressionism." - Impose Magazine ... more

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